SWE & Elyse

Upon returning, I knew I had a really great meeting! A few leaders of 20190125_1034308902535488269689474.jpgSWE, which stands for Society of Women Engineers,  and I discussed a lot of great opportunities that can extend beyond what they’re currently doing today! Hear more about just how this Outreach meeting went in Chicago.


2019 – Elyse is #LivingHerBestLife & #AllNatural

From inside out, Elyse strives to be the very best that she can be! Some know her is being an “All-Inner” (translation: one that gives everything to the task at hand when her name is designated), others know her so well to be a “Super Aggie” (translation: one who has attended the North Carolina A&T State University and ensures that any other potential students  current students, and/alumni, shares the same experience to the highest degree ensuring success!). One thing for sure she is living her best life and is an All-nNatural at it as well! Her energy is contagious!

Off To A Great Start!

How you start is a sure sign of your intentions to just how you expect to finish. These great students and coaches at North Carolina A&T State University were captured just after a successful win in football. On the field and off, these students continue to out forth their best effort. Great start!

2018 Is All About Relationship!

New Year, new you? Yes, we hear that often. \nMy challenge to you as one great visionary has shared, “Become more RELATIONAL” than “TRANSACTIONAL”. So my question

for you is, what are you waiting for? Make 2018 one of your best years of your life regarding relationships! The opportunity exists w ithin you!

Quick Positive Thought!

The only way out is through.  If it’s raining in you neck of the woods, YOU bring the sunshine! You be the fun when there is no sun.  What are you waiting for?  People around you need your happiness, they need you to flip the switch on the gloom.  Hey, what really do you have to lose?